Getting to Know You: Stevie Grieve

“The best thing about McDiarmid Park was the Blue Popcorn and Dotty Bars”.

Lausanne starbucks

Stevie Grieve. Tea drinking ma…wait a minute…

The summer holidays. Mug of tea in hand. Time for a new webisode (that’s a word right?) or our ‘popular’ Getting to Know You series. This time we’ve gone all out sports on you. We’re privileged to have professional footballer and maturer coach/analyst Stevie Grieve. No wait, we got that the wrong way round. We’ve got amateur footballer and professional coach/analyst Stevie Grieve.

Why is he a pro? Well plenty of that is answered below. 13 years of coaching, having worked in 4 countries and proud to be the “youngest head coach in Switzerland in the AVCF 4eme Ligue in 2012″ at the ripe old age of 25. Oh and did we tell you he has done tv punditry for TenSports as a top analyst. His pre-match notes are heavily annotated. His knowledge of tactics is second to none. We think we’re pretty good at Football Manager but we feel as though we’d get our butt kicked if we played Stevie!

new suit

Stevie has yet to confirm if his video diaries titled ‘Stevie’s Suits’ will ever see the light of day.

Now he’s off to Canada to join Burlington Soccer as Coach Development Manager. One things for sure though, he’ll be spreading the joy of good tea. Here’s 10 questions we put to him.

1. Hi Stevie. What’s 6 + 8?

It could be 68, it could be 14. Philosophically, what is the meaning of 6, or even 8? It’s a question i ask myself daily.

2. Fantastic. Clearly you’re a tea drinker and on the ball, so to speak (unless you answered that wrong in which case this interview is over you closet coffee drinker you!). Where do we find you in the world and are you drinking tea?

Im in Perth, Scotland today, but im moving to Burlington, Ontario, Canada on Tuesday. Yeah, im always drinking tea! I think i’ll have some Maple Leaf tea over there instead of my usual Scottish blend i have here.

3. We kind of already know the answer to this question but for the rest of our followers can you state what your favourite tea is?

Im a big fan of Corson vanilla tea from Mauritius. I had it on honeymoon there and wasn’t sure about it initially. It was kinda like when you have a big mouthful of Cola then before you swallow, you eat a Flump.

You know you weren’t sure if you liked it but you’ll do it again just to check.
I like it really dark, with a dribble of milk sometimes.

It tastes like sugary tea so if you’re on a diet its a good start. Its on ebay i think for about $5 for 25 bags.

4. As a man who travels between Scotland and India a fair few times, what’s best: Drinking tea in Scotland made with top quality soft Scottish water or simply drinking tea in the home of tea; India?

Oft, tough question! The water makes a huge difference, but if you offered me pure Indian tea in Scottish soft water, i’d go with that. Indian Tea is pretty much sugary milk, though.

5. Yourself and #teaclub M happen to support the same football team – St. Johnstone. Last time M was there the tea wasn’t all that bad. Where’s the best ground you’ve enjoyed a cup of tea?

We do! The best thing about McDiarmid Park was the Blue Popcorn and Dotty Bars. I dunno if they do them anymore though.

The tea was probably some cheap rubbish there and i wasn’t keen on it so i had Bovril (its rank), but i would say that i really liked the tea at the home stadium of Garhwal FC, Ambedkar Stadium in Delhi.

Proper Delhi Chai, enough sugar to get rid of the water taste but not enough to give you diabetes.

6. Having seen your tweets and some clips of you on YouTube for Ten Sports, it’s fair to say you’re passionate about the game and in particular, the analysis side of things. Did you play at any level and if not, how did you get into the media as an analyst?

I didn’t play at a high level, and certainly not anything worth mentioning. Im not even sure if some levels of professional football even count towards being able to claim you “know” the game!

I played youth football and some amateur games until i was 18, but much preferred Futsal which i played from 15-21.

Futsal suits me more than 11v11 with a tactically incompetent coach and mostly clueless team mates making me chase long balls or not playing through midfield. I’m not a 2nd ball kinda guy, which isn’t good in Scottish amateur football.

I stopped playing as i didn’t enjoy playing football, and wanted to concentrate on coaching.

I’ve been a coach for 13 years, I’ve worked in 4 countries and was the youngest head coach in Switzerland in the AVCF 4eme Ligue in 2012 at 25.

Again, I was the youngest Head Coach in India at 27 in 2014 when i coached in the I-League 2.

I got into analysis from being bored and having 6 weeks to kill between moving from Scotland to Switzerland, so i wrote some analysis for World Class Coaching which was on Sergio Busquets. From there, it was made into an e-book, then i wrote some analysis pieces, then wrote a best selling book called Coaching the 4-2-3-1, then it snowballed.

When i moved to India, i was using analysis and studying to help educate myself to educate my coaches, then after i coached Garhwal in the I-League 2, i was asked to do a 4 show trial with TenSports by RK Sreenivasan.

From the 1st show, I was comfortable with the surroundings, the presenter’s questions and felt like i deserved to be there more than most people with the analysis things i could offer and opinions on players and teams, give context etc.

4 shows turned into the end of the season, then another, then another, then my own TV show!


Stevie likes to make notes about football games. Lots of notes. Answers on a postcard please.

7. Have you ever spilled a mug of tea in the studio?

Hahaha! Shhh… not inside but yeah, in the corridor.

Actually, the lassie from NDTV who was walking past and saw me drop it then looking guilty while trying to get a mop over it was in hysterics walking into her studio just before she had to do a live report on flooding.

The irony.

8. We’ve an idea but just how big is tea drinking in India? What are the differences compared to our tradition of having a teabag in a mug?

Everyone drinks sugary Chai, in little 50 ml cups, which is pure sugar with a fair whack of spices etc in it. Its nice i like it but with much less sugar. They’ll have the water, spices and leafs boiling with milk and sugar all day, mixing it and pouring, while we have it fresh. I suppose everyone is different but while people would ask for a  £2.50 Coffee here, they go to the Chai wallah and get 5 cups for 25p.

9. Last couple of questions now. If you could drink tea with anyone in the world, who would it be and where would this meeting take place? Kettle’s on Stevie. We’ve got chocolate digestives. Nudge nudge.

Aww man, just one? I’ll give 2. Can i? I have a large packet, and who eats a whole packet of biscuits even with a tag team partner? They’ll just go to waste so I’ll invite an extra person because a whole pack of chocolate digestives is alot for only 2 people. At least they’ll get finished.

I’d have my meeting in a tent in the highlands with Lucy Verasamy; the weather girl from ITV.

She’d know exactly when it was time to come out because she has weather reading superpowers.

A cup of tea in the rain in a tent would go down a treat. I like listening to rain.

I’d probably invite Rachel Riley aswell; you’d get battered at scrabble but at least you could play all day until you win while drinking tea. Imagine beating Rachel Riley and Lucy the weathergirl at Scrabble before going out for a game of Man Hunt in the highlands with a flask of tea?

10. A big of a challenge for you. Last year we came up with a Tea XI. 11 footballers with a tea themed name (e.g. David Teaman). Make a brew and give us your own Tea XI. We’ll compare it to ours and perhaps put it to a Twitter vote. No pressure now.

Jose Luis CHAIlavert (Paraguay GK)
Phillip Lahmbarrie (Nambarrie)
Nicolas OTEAmendi (Otamendi)
Paolo MalTEAni (Maldini)
Clarence CEYLONdorf (Seedorf)
Emmanuele PeTEALEAF (Manu Petit)
Emmanuel TETLEY (Tetteh ex Norwich)
Martyn WAGHBAKRIhorn (Waghorn)
Diego DILMAHradona (Maradona)
Olivier GirOOLONG (Giroud)
Antoine TEAzmann (Griezmann)

This is quite a strong team. Like how i like my tea. Strong.

Ed: Does it beat our completely different Tea XI?

Chairman: Roman Assamovic.

Cheers Stevie. Best wishes to yourself and your family in Canada.



Getting To Know You: Tom Critchley

‘Tom is perhaps the only person I know who makes a strong case in favour of the selfie-stick!’ – #teaclub M


Ay up! We’ve only gone and given the ‘Getting to Know You’ series a bit of a reboot. You know, the feature where we put a 100w spotlight on some of our favourite followers. We put 10 questions to them about tea and their own interests in life. We’re very fortunate to have the self-confessed, aspiring world traveler and photographer Tom Critchley for this feature and there’s some terrific responses. We get to find out why he fell in love with travel, where the best place he’s had a mug of tea and how he felt the Seattle Seahawks performed this season.


1. Now then Tom. The sun is shining on Yorkshire tonight and we’re supping tea. Where abouts is our favourite traveller right now, and is there a mug of tea in hand?

Unfortunately at the minute I’m in cloudy Cardiff, not the most exotic of locations. I’ve been working late a lot recently so tea has definitely been getting me through it. Sunny Yorkshire sounds a lot nicer, I might be up again soon…

2. It’s fair to say that travelling to far out places for a champion view is your biggest interest in life. Was there one moment in life where you simply fell in love with travel?

That’s a fair statement, I’d say. Well, I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled basically since I was born but I guess I first thought about it as being different to just a holiday, maybe even a future career, when I went to Iceland for my 17th birthday. I had just got into Instagram at that point and trying to get a good photo wherever you go really makes you look at a country differently, that’s when I thought I want to do this as much as possible on my own in the future.

3. Speaking of being out and about, where’s the best place you’ve had a cup of tea?

Ooh tough one, we had some mint tea on a rooftop in Marrakech last December which was pretty cool, but based on the view I’d say the summit of Ben Nevis a couple years ago. Clear sky with that view and a cuppa, doesn’t get much better.

4. What would you rather see with a flask of tea and some sandwiches: Northern Lights in Norway or Midnight Sun in Iceland?

No question, the Northern Lights. I’ve been to Iceland twice and I haven’t seen them yet, I’m determined to get a glimpse one day so a cuppa and some sarnies would complete the moment.

5. Where do you stand on the milk first/last debate?

It just has to be milk last, I can’t understand how anyone can do it the other way. You let it diffuse out and then add as much milk as you need to make sure it’s not the colour of chicken soup, can’t be putting it in first. Madness.

6. Tom, you also enjoy a spot of the American Football. This is music to our (well, my) ears. What made you opt for the Seattle Seahawks and how do you think the season went for the Legion of Boom?

I do indeed (we can discuss it when Benn isn’t in the room). Contrary to what most people assume, I wasn’t a bandwagon fan. I decided in 2013 to follow a a team, after watching the Super Bowl, and asked on Twitter who I should choose. The only person who replied was a friend of mine who lives in Seattle, so I chose them and had the best first season I could ask for. We started slow and slowly got better, but the injuries ruined us. The game against Carolina was a short summary of our season, I’m hoping we can get one step further next year

7. We know that NFL superstars Golden Tate III, Reshad Jones and Jonathan Stewart love tea. Which 3 footballers would you like to have a brew with and why?

Now that’s an interesting question. My favourite Seahawk is Richard Sherman so I’d have to choose him, I think we could have some intelligent conversations. After him I’d probably say Jerry Rice so I could meet the GOAT and Marshawn Lynch. Even though he doesn’t speak to the media, I reckon he’s got some interesting stories. It would also be hilarious to see him hold a small tea cup.

8. Who’s your dark horse for next season?

The Raiders have made some good free agent signings but i think Jacksonville are up and coming they’ve got a good receiver core and a talented young team to build around.

9. Back to the tea talk. Where’s the cheapest place you’ve been for a cup of tea in the UK?

Yeah, I think we were starting to get carried away there. Ooh wow, that’s a difficult one. It definitely isn’t anywhere in the south so I’d probably say somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales during one of our many walks. Horton on Ribblesdale possibly.

10. We quite enjoy a day out ourselves on the train. Where can you recommend the #teaclub visit for a day out of cracking views and a spot of tea and cake?

As long as you get good weather I’d say get the train to the top of Snowden. Lovely views of Snowdonia National Park and there’s a cafe at the top too, just in case you need more tea and cake than you could carry.

Cheers Tom and happy exploring. We raise our mug of afternoon tea to you! 


Getting to Know You: Bob Currie

Here we go once more with our ‘Getting to Know You’ series where we get to… know you. Of course, we can’t get to know everyone (gets trumpet out) and thus we are selecting some of our favourite followers to get involved. Video blogger Bob Currie (call him Bob because it’s a sensible thing to do) has been making videos for YouTube for over a year now and it appears there’s no stopping him. Well, he’s not making them for YouTube specifically as he’s making them for his audience but you get my drift. His videos cover a range of activities, such as days out, festivals and smells. With every video there is wit and creativity. Bob has a playlist of videos he is most proud of, so here is a couple to give you a taste.

I’ve been advised to use videos he’s most proud of, so I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble for writing the following but I feel this video needs to be shared. Why? It’s my favourite. It also goes to show that even when the footage isn’t what you expected, a good narrative and therefore good video can come out of it. If we’re in trouble and he calls his lawyers then it’s been fun folks!

We e-mailed 10 questions to Bob in the hope that he’d spill the beans (not literally) on tea, video making and dancing. He didn’t disappoint with his answers. Make a cup of tea, crack open the custard creams and relax. Here’s what Bob had to say…

1) Hello Bob! It’s Monday morning and we’ll kick things off with a short but sweet one: where do we find you today? Unless it’s not Monday or morning. Still the question remains valid.

Well, it is indeed Monday morning and you’ve got me at my mildly untidy desk at home. It’s a bit wet outside, so I’m going to stay in at the minute with a nice big mug.

2) Your Twitter bio is tremendous. As we’re the #teaclub let’s start with the most obvious… what’s your favourite song to dance to?

Hmm, this is a tricky one. Good songs come and go, so picking an overall favourite is quite the task. I’d probably have to go with ‘Clap Your Hands’ by Parov Stelar due to its creativity of mixing an old 1940s swing tune to some modern house music.

3) Speaking of dancing, when you’re on a night out (or night in) dancing, have you ever ordered a cup of tea?

I tend not to go on many nights out, and on the times that I do I usually just order a Coke. I feel that tea is more of a relaxing drink, not one you’d use to bring hype to da club. (That’s me trying to sound cool).

4) Ah tea! What’s your favourite type of tea?

For years now, I’ve drank the Tetley English Breakfast Blend, which I enjoy due to its simplicity but in fairly recent times, different teas have piqued my curiosity. A couple of years ago, after a sleepless night in a Travelodge on the way to Alton Towers, I headed on down to the Little Chef outside where I ordered breakfast. It was here that I discovered the joys of Earl Grey. Now the Earl has been one of my favourites for a very long time, but I recently noticed that Tesco were doing a special offer on a Twinings multipack. This featured both the English Breakfast and Earl Grey blends, but also included Assam, Ceylon and Lady Grey. Needless to say, I picked that one up and immediately started going through the different flavours once I returned home. Ceylon and Assam are quite nice, but it was the Lady Grey that really got me. The excellent blend of citrus fruit and the strong, colourful taste gave it the perfect taste but even with that fantastic blend, it still couldn’t scratch the fantastic simplicity that is English Breakfast Blend.

5) As a gentlemen who likes tea, have you any tips on tea etiquette?

Never should anyone ever rush a cup of tea. A cuppa can only be enjoyed wholeheartedly if you’re comfortable and happy. Even if you’re running late for the most important meeting in your company’s history, you should never rush a cup of tea. (Well, maybe in that situation you might have other things to worry about, but in most situations, you shouldn’t rush your cuppa).

6) We love the YouTube videos which showcase some of your days out and experiences. For us it’s all about the wit and humour, which, as Northerners, we can relate to. It’s like a travel programme which we can sit back and enjoy with a mug of tea. Anyway, which video are you most proud of and why?

This would have to be ‘30 Minutes in St Pancras International’ as it was completely unplanned, yet turned out to be a really sweet, short video. I’d been going there as a means of getting into London with my Granddad for probably just under a decade, but had never really explored the station as I always had somewhere to be. However, on one day, there was a thirty minute space before the next train I could get home, so decided to use this to my advantage and go exploring. The station is a very special place to me because I love its intricate design, it’s history and the fact I’ve been going there since I was quite young. Some of my other videos usually take about a week to plan, a day to film, a further day to write the commentary (if there’s going to be one) and then a couple of days to edit. The fact that this was completely spontaneous is what really makes it for me. I see it as a sort-of tribute to the station.

7) You’ve got loads of videos now. Wales, London, Brighton… not to mention Smelly Smells and Revision. We think they’re all great in their own right. Even if the camera work was shaky in Alexandra Palace. What drives you to turn out such glorious, creative videos?

From a young age, I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer. Admittedly, I started out as wanting to be a music conductor or a professional musician but one day my cousin showed a series of Lego stop-motion animations and we set out to produce some of our own. In the early days, we weren’t that good and after a couple of slow years, he gave up on the idea. I, however, have continued to make more videos since then, and it hasn’t just been limited to stop motion. From the Lego videos, I moved on to various silly vlogs and even tried gaming at one point. However, in July 2014, I decided to start making vlogs again because I wanted to try and develop my skills and knowledge within film. Since then, I’ve developed my skills significantly and now try to create a wider range of video styles, experimenting about and seeing what I like the most. I’d also say that the support I’ve received has given me a fair amount of motivation and knowing that people do enjoy my work, I strive to produce more videos.

8) We love the power of social media. What’s been the biggest coup for you on YouTube or Twitter? A famous follower, a non-famous follower but should be famous follower?

Well, nobody particularly famous has ever contacted me on YouTube or Twitter. I’ve had brief conversations with cartoonist Matt Melvin and the YouTube channel FunFoods (approximately 25,000 subscribers) has subscribed to me on the site but nothing particularly exciting has ever got me too hyped up. I don’t usually get too caught up in celebrity culture but if I Ben Cook, Edgar Wright or Geoff Marshall said they were fans of my work, that’d make my day.

9) If you could throw a tea party anywhere in the world and with anyone in the world, where would it be and who would you take?

The location would easily be Greenwich Park because of the phenomenal views of London from the top of the hill. In terms of people, I’d probably take my Nan (she’s without doubt my biggest fan), my good friend Naomi because of her ongoing support for my channel, fellow videomaker and friend of mine, Aaron T Hastings, and actor/producer Thomas Ridgewell. That’d be a right laugh.

10) Finally, the question on everyone’s lips right now. Will there be a video dedicated to tea? Bonus points if you can fit in a cameo by a low door frame.

There are ideas in the works but nothing is definite right now. Here at BobCorp, we (most often) like to ensure that quality is to the highest standard before releasing something. And in terms of those bonus points, I think I’ll let you keep them if it means that I don’t have to dent my head! Thanks for having me, #teaclub, it’s been an honour to be here.

So there you have it. It’s been a pleasure to put the spotlight on Bob Currie and we thank him for his time. We hope you have enjoyed his thoughts and the tea you had to read this blog post. If you want to follow bob on Twitter or YouTube, here’s the links you need.

Official Bob Corp YouTube Channel


Getting to Know You: Tea Unit

We’re back with another sublime ‘Getting to Know You’ feature and we’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time. At some point, somewhere in the world two heads filled with creativity and talent collided (not literally, although maybe?) where the end result would be one of the UK’s top rap acts. Rap music gets a bit of a name for itself, rightly or wrongly, for its lyrical content. Enter Tea Unit, where One Wish & Brie don’t need to talk about stereotypical rap subjects of guns, wealth and ladies. Instead they give it to us straight with sharp, witty and well written bars (try saying that fast!).

M from the #teaclub is a fan of such rap, unlike B who goes for the rock n roll bands. Imagine M’s delight then when Tea Unit got to put forward 10 questions to the duo. Here’s what they had to say on tea, rap music and East Fife Football Club. In the words of G-Unit… it’s Tea Uniiiiiiiiiit.

1. Hello. How are our two favourite mc’s today? Where do we find you guys right now?

“All good ta! As it happens, we’re in the kitchen following a meeting. Which is where most of our meetings take place so that we’re never far from the kettle.”

2. Cup of tea in hand?

“Standardly! Nothing too exotic at the minute though… both sipping on a cup of builders – Yorkshire hard water to be precise.”

3. I was trying to find a unique way of saying how amazing Tea Unit is but sometimes it just needs to be said plain and simple. Tea Unit is a brilliant name for a group. How did you guys begin making music?

“Thanks guys 🙂 We both worked at an off-licence for a while and, as it was quiet during the day, we started listening to beats, writing bars together and drank lots of tea! – because, although you’re surrounded by alcohol, you’re not allowed to drink on the premises. That’s where the story began.”

4. We watched the BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire performances for Level Up and Rock That to begin with and were hooked. Lyrically clever, solid beats and mugs of tea on the desk. This may be a vague question, but how are you so cool?

“Thanks again guys! The support really is much appreciated 🙂 Being a tea-related Hip Hop act means you attract attention from a wide audience from anywhere between your hardcore Hip Hop head and your Nan! Haha so it’s always been important, to us, that we got our image right and we’ve always been our own worst critics when it comes to the music.”

5. Tea runs in our blood. I feel like we have that in common. What’s your favourite tea?

“Brie drinks mostly black teas Eg. Builders, Earl, Lady Grey, Breakfast, Assam, Ceylon etc. (Milk, 1 sugar) and his all time fave is an import called chocolate imperial.

Onewish takes no sugar but is definitely the more experimental of the two, drinking all sorts from builders, to Earl, to fruit tea, to mint tea, to chai and everything inbetween!”

6. More than 3 cups a day right?

“Absolutely! Sometimes that many in the morning alone!! We ain’t called Tea Unit for nothing!!!”

7. When you’re in a studio recording or performing on radio, has the bass ever been so loud that it’s knocked over your mugs of tea?

“We’ve seen the surface of the tea vibrating before. A bit like that scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex turns up”

8. Biscuits. Just so we can compare to Nina Baker’s Top 5 Biscuits, what’s your Top 5?

“This was a tough one because there’s so many to choose from these days but… Onewish is going for Hobnob, Bourbone, Custard Creme, Rich Tea and Chocolate Digestive… in no particular order. He’s easy with the biscuits because they could impair the taste of the brew.
Brie’s top 5 are: Dark Choc Digestive, Fox’s Crunch Creams, Malted Milk, Choc Chip Cookies & Oreos.”

9. We’d like to put your skills to the test. Thanks to twitter we got to become friends with a football team in Scotland; East Fife. Can you give us a few bars involving East Fife and tea?

“Big up East Fife. We’ve heard the tea’s nice,
On constant supply from the tea club guys,
And that’s why the football team ain’t going on the decline,
They swarm on the ball, with a Wu Tang killer bee vibe,
Go to Bayview and you’re guaranteed a great night,
Cos we’ve heard they won the league at least 3 times!”

10. Last question before we put the kettle on. What does the Summer of 2015 have in store for you?

“Well, we’ve just had mad fun performing at Symmetry festival and we’re now looking forward to a few more shows we’ve got lined up but there’s still a few spare dates in the diary… so if anyone wants to book us?, drop us a teamail at and check out the website“.

A tremendous coup for the #teaclub once again, getting Tea Unit on board with our Getting to Know You series. They rap, drink tea and when they’re rapping they’re drinking tea so it’s a win win for the tea and music fan. They’ve given us their website and e-mail address but the guys can be found on social media to:




Mug Shots Vol 1 & Mug Shots Vol 2 (both only £3 each at time of press) are available to buy online at

Getting to Know You: The 3 Yorkshireteers

Yorkshire. There’s only one Yorkshire. There were also two turtle doves but more importantly, there’s only 3 Yorkshireteers and we’ve got hold of them for you. This is the kind of feature we’ve been wanting to do for a long time but instead of just blabbering on about the history of the trio, we posed 10 questions to them.

Ok ok, so who are these 3 Yorkshireteers. Well maybe you have seen this…

Or this…

Either way, they’re Yorkshire’s finest boy band. Wherever they go, gents tip their flat caps and ladies want them to sign…. to sign… to sign their shirts of course!  We’ve both shared some good pints with them in the past. Our conversations often involved who’s got the broadest accent, which settlement has the most dry stone walling, where’s the best fish shop in Yorkshire and the state of football in Finland.

On Monday night Tom Yorkshire, Pat Testin and Quiet Man were having a few cocktails in a local pub. Here’s what we asked and what they answered.

1. Now then chaps. Where abouts are we in God’s Own County right now?
Pat Testin and Tom Yorkshire: Ayup cocker!
PT: We’re at t’arse end o’ Ponte in t’heart o’ God’s Orn!
TY: Wer’ in an owd pub called t’Robin Hood. Top real ales. We’ve ‘ad a quiet ‘un ter be ‘onest, wi’ it bein’ a Mundi.

2. We’ve met up with a couple of the 3 Yorkshireteers before and think you’re true ambassadors for Yorkshire. For those who aren’t familiar, how would you describe what you do?
TY: If tha int familiar, wheere’s tha bin? Wer’ Yorkshire finest boyband an’ we sing songs abaart Yorkshire folk and orkshire places, just to add to us already strong pride abaart t’place!
PT: And dun’t forget us dancin’…
TY: Oh aye, we do dancin’ anorl! Tha gets it all wi’ us!
PT: Tha can see us on YouChube, Facebook an’ t’Twitter (where thee reprobates fan us!) where tha can watch us music videos, but we do live shows anorl nar wi’ lots more songs in!

3. Yorkshire Style was a huge success for you and at time of asking it’s racked up 99,000 views. You all must be proud of such an achievement. How did it all come about?
Quiet Man: *Nods*
PT: Aye, it went alreyt that un.
TY: Aye, yuh. It’s looking like it’s gunner ‘it 100,000 by us first “birthday” (July 2nd) which is great ter be ‘onest. We never thought anybody’d be that bothered  abaart it, but it took off an’ surprised us.
PT: Tell ‘em ‘ow it kem abaart…
TY: Oh aye, well, I’d ‘ad a few wi’ Dave Goole an’ Gentle Eddie an’ we fancied a day art, so we decided to film while we wer’ art and abaart. Folk liked it so we carried on!

4. Michael’s personal favourite is Owwer T’border (Let ’em knor it’s Christmas time agen). I think it’s because there’s so many people involved in the making. Have you a favourite video so far and why?
TY: Oh aye, us Christmas un?
PT: Aye we like that anorl for t’same reasons, but we like Ee Viva Tadcaster, just cos we think it’s t’best song an’ it’s underrated. We ‘ad a good laugh wi’ that un. Upton Girl turned art well to say we knocked it together in a coupla ‘ours. Yorkshire People wa’ a reyt laugh to mek though anorl.
TY: It’s ‘ard to seh when tha produces this much quality.

5. Now we’re a tea based handle and to be fair, we’ve no idea at all how we came across you guys. Certainly glad of it mind. Who’s the biggest tea drinker in the group?
PT: Gentle Eddie likes a cuppa when ‘e int on t’ale.
TY: Aye ‘e does, aye.
PT: But it int often if wer’ ‘onest.
TY: No, it in’t, no.
PT: So… ‘im I suppose.
QM: *Nods*

6. Yorkshire Tea or Tetley Tea?
PT and TY: Yorkshire Tea, Tetley Bitter.
TY: I’ve ‘eard Tetley tea is brewed in London nar! At least t’bitters still brewed in Taddy!

7. Lancashire Tea?
PT: Tha knors better than to ask daft questions!
TY: Why would tha…?
QM: *glares* *looks away in disgust*

8. We’re always in search of new or unique places to enjoy a cup of tea. Is there anywhere tha can recommend us for a day out?
TY: Well, we’re allus trying to get thee to us beloved Wakey, an’ there’s a few decent cafes/coffee places ‘ere! Mocca Moocho is bob on ter say it’s got a daft name, an’ Esquires. We prefer Val’s on Kirkgate but each to ther’ orn!
PT: Get thisen to Cas to t’Blue Cup on Sagar Street – it’s cheaper. Save thisen a fortune.

9. Last couple of questions. Have you a funny or bizarre tale from filming the videos that you’ve never told anyone before?
TY: Tha needs a bit o’ context but ther wer that time when that Barnsley lad took a shine to us “female” character in Yorkshire People (t’Quiet Man in a wig an’ a dress). ‘e wer’ a bit keen!
PT: Oh aye. Or that time in Leeds when tha daren’t ask t’Tea Club if they wer’ secretly a couple an’ tha kept lookin’ art for “t’signs”.
TY: Oh aye, yuh! They know abaart that, I think.
PT: Let’s ‘ope so nar, eh?

10. What can we expect from you guys in the future besides a free pint, t-shirt, mug, key-ring, pencil sharpener and hat?
TY: A cameo in us next video if tha turns up!
PT: Get thisen darn, aye! An’ sithee soon!

Quiet man stole the show for us. Ronan said that folk say it best when they don’t say anything at all. Point proven here. We’d love to be in one of your music videos too. Surely the Xmas 2015 one? How about Yorkshire Dales? Proper Yorkshire countryside. Hang about… so they used to think we were a couple? News to us! 😉

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Getting to Know You: Nina Baker

Ding ding. It’s Round 2 of our ‘Getting to Know You’ series and I’ve just realised that was a rhyme. Incidentally, music is the theme of this interview as we get to know the talented Nina Baker. Nina is a singer-songwriter who loves her piano and probably loves watching others try to put her songs into a particular genre. I (-M from the #teaclub) recently showed my girlfriend the sweet sounds of Single Bed, which I would describe as a blissful piece of catchy, singalong pop. The creative visuals even make time to throw in a little humour. Or humor if you’re reading this from America.

Coupled with lyrics about tea and a trumpet, it’s a song to enjoy in the garden with a nice cup of tea. Nina loves a cuppa and was eager to have her questions put forward. Here’s what she has to say on tea and music.

1. Hello Nina. Where do we find you today? Are you in good spirits and ready for the weekend?
NB: I have just got back from an evening with Huey Morgan of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals. And before that we had our final rehearsal for my upcoming festivals, which start tomorrow and go on until the end of August. So yeah, raring to go!

2. Not often you get to put questions to a talented musician, so thank you for your time. You have some festivals lined up for the summer we see. Will you be packing some tea in the suitcase?
NB: No, as I am a big fan of the road-side tea out of a polystyrene cup – It provides a unique drinking-come-eating experience. I also refuse to pay more than £1 for a cup of tea. £1.50 on special occasions (weddings/bar mitzvahs), anything more than that you can jog-on. When I toured the U.S. at the end of last year the first thing in the suitcase was a box of 240 teabags – Pack the essentials folks! They never quite get tea right out there. And their milk is just plain wrong. Hello to all my American fans out there! (D’oh)

3. Have you ever had a cup of tea on stage?
NB: No. But now you have mentioned it that is a bloody good idea! I’m going to try and incorporate this into a show! I did for a period put a cup and saucer on the piano but this kept falling off and smashing. But to have someone walk on with a pot and cosy and decant a hot cuppa, that is just the work of genius!

4. What’s your favourite song to enjoy a pot of tea with?
NB: ‘Tea Only Way Is Up’ by Yazz. Sorry, bad pun. I am a huge fan of Lang Lang so if was to listen to anything whilst savouring a good cuppa it would be from the little Chinese maestro.

5. It’s no secret that we’re passionate about Yorkshire Tea here. What’s your perfect every day tea?
NB: I am a Tetley girl though I am very unhappy with the Tetley Teafolk becoming computer animated now, it just isn’t right, it’s like a ginger James Bond. Lyons Quickbrew also score quite high and are very good value. And yes, before you ask I do have a score card! I went through a phase of drinking decaf tea (because I drink a LOT of tea) and there are huge variations in quality of decaf tea. From memory Morrisons decaf came out on top followed by Twinings.

6. Can you remember one moment in life where you popped kettle on and quite possibly had the best cuppa?
NB: I think the cups of tea that I had with Tristan Ivemy (music genius) whilst working on my album were the best I ever had. We needed them. We worked some crazy hours on that album, at the Church Studio in Crouch End, whilst David Gray was upstairs making his last album.

7. Has answering the last question got you in the mood for a brew right now?
NB: I already have one on the go!

8. Biscuits. What’s your Top 5?
5. Ginger Nuts (not a pun, true)
4. Biscotti
3. The Lotus caramelised biscuit – The staple of all good hotel rooms
2. Hob Nobs
1. ‘I’m happy just me with my bourbons and tea’ – As the lyric to ‘Single Bed’ goes

9. Have you a rock n’ roll story from your days on the road gigging that involves tea? If not, have you one that doesn’t involve tea?
N.B There is very long winded story of ludicrous circumstances, the punchline of which is that I basically end up drinking tea in a hotel room in the Dorchester with Boy George. So no, not really.

10. Single Bed is a tremendous piece of music. Very relaxing we find. What can we expect from you over the next 12 months?
N.B Back on the road, playing hard. If any members of the #teaclub come to see me, please come say hello. Hoping to have 6 months of performing before putting out some new material, hopefully some new videos, which you can find on my social media……Did I mention that……Please give me a follow!

Wow! Just how amazing was that? Don’t know about you, but I certainly enjoyed reading this one over a cup of tea. Nina has many social media outlets, of which you’ll find below. My thanks go to Nina for this wonderful and revealing interview. Have a nice weekend everybody and we’ll see you the next time. -M

Facebook: NinaBakerMusic

Twitter: @NinaBakerMusic

SoundCloud: NinaBakerMusic

YouTube: NinaBakerMusic

‘Quite Frankly’ by Nina Baker can be purchased on iTunes by clicking here.

Getting to Know You: Kev Page

The #teaclub has been going for just over 2 years now and without getting all slushy, it would be fair to say that if we didn’t have the interactions, the laughs, the RT’s or the new experiences (such as Glamping near Hull last summer) we would have given up a long time ago. We thought that if we could find out more about our followers, it would be our noble way of saying ‘thank you’. Without further ado, we give you Kev Page. He has been with us from the very beginning. A fitting way to begin this series.

1. Before we start Kev, what’s the setting and mood like where you are right now? 
Ooh that’s an odd one! I’ve just had a bath, and in my dressing gown. No shaved legs, candles, Chanel No5 or the like I’m afraid!

2. You’ve been with the #teaclub from the very start. That’s like 2 years ago. What tea would you have been enjoying back then? 
I remember exactly I’d just discovered Russian Caravan tea from Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee co.  I adored it then! Not so much now as their blend got more smokey which I’m not a fan of. 

3. Come to think of it, what’s your tea of choice these days?
These days I’m partial to a Yunnan or a Keemun, I also just purchased some Bergamot and Mango from Whittards, it’s delicious and I plan to cold brew some for an upcoming party.

4. … and are you having a cup of tea right now?
No, a Gin and Tonic

5.We hold you responsible for getting M from the #teaclub hooked on the incredible Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company. What attracted you to their teas?
ha! I’ve inadvertently done this one!! Russian Caravan, and their own Pluckley Tea!!

6. As a pro tea drinker, where do you stand on the “milk first or last debate”?
Last, always! With a bag milk first clogs the holes, with loose leaf you never know how much milk is needed, or indeed necessary. 

7. Is there a celebrity or high profile figure you would love to have a pot of tea and slice of cake with?
Morrissey of the Smiths. 

8. What’s the worst cup of tea you’ve ever had?
At the “Zebra Cafe” of the Tring Natural History Museum, ghastly! Nearly half a cup of full fat milk, in first! With a poor sad Twinings tea bag dumped in, poor thing didn’t stand a chance. 

9. Have you ever paid more than £4 for a pot of tea?
No, despite being a flash southerner I’m not a fool!

10. What advice would you give to our followers? It doesn’t have to be tea related. Although it is a family show.
Enjoy what you have, you are rich beyond measure as you are. Make time for those you love but also take time for yourself. 

You can follow Kev on Twitter. @Kev__Page