Piacha’s Rhubarb Fudge Rooibos stood out due to the boldness of flavours and creamy textures that the others didn’t manage to capture.” The Tea Witch, 2015.

“Not every day you get a packet of tea that doubles up as an envelope.” #teaclub, 2015.

“I’ve been noticing gravity since I was very young.” Cameron Diaz.

Black & Cherry LS front s

Black Tea & Cherry. Winning!

Well here’s something new. We have a collaboration with the lovely people at Piacha Teas. You know, the very people who have an ace looking Tea Bar in Islington, North London. The very tea company that send out Tea Mail’s (postcards that contain real tea) through your letterbox with delightful messages on. The very tea company that The Tea Witch raves on about and made her debut visit to the Tea Bar last year.

english breakfast envelopes s

Each tea envelope comes with a personal message. Maybe yours will say ‘Those lads at the teaclub are good eggs’.

Now, it becomes ‘the very tea company’ that loves a collaboration. We’re proud to team up with Piacha Teas on this exclusive offer that runs for most of July. That’s Oolong time! Throughout 4th – 25th July, we’ll be tweeting all things Piacha. We’ll be posting pictures of their fabulous teas, publishing our own review of their subscription service, running our classic ‘Getting to Know You’ series with a feature on Piacha Teas and ironing our work shirts.

50% off your first Tea Envelopes Subscription purchase.

Enter #TEACLUB@PIACHA at the checkout to apply your discount.

If you order 1 or more tea envelopes and chose the ‘Subscribe’ option (not the ‘Deliver once’ option), you’ll get a 50% off your first order.


Oolong LS front s

Apple Green Tea?  Milky Oolong? Rooibos Rhubarb Fudge? Piacha Teas got your darkest tea desires covered.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This is a 3 week voucher code for tea envelopes only and runs from 4th July – 25th July.
  2. To get the discount, you must subscribe to regular tea deliveries. You can unsubscribe, skip deliveries and otherwise manage your subscription via the Manage Subscription page.
  3. Valid for new subscribers only.
  4. Maximum of 1 subscription per household.
  5. Maximum purchase value: £50.

We have a guest contributor now…

Hello everyone. Just to let you know that a very good ‘online’ friend of ours (although i’m sure we’d enjoy having a pint together someday – of tea of course) Kevin Hogg will be submitting a few pieces for the #teaclub about his experiences with tea in Scotland. Like us, he’s not a scientist when it comes to tea and just appreciates a good brew. He is also a funny chap and hopefully his posts will keep you entertained. Here is his first contribution:

Welcome to the deftest and most ill-informed tea blog/ review thingy on the web….

“November come
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And The first white snow.

The fire burns
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.”

Good evening, as I sit here somewhat bored on this cold & dark November evening waiting on the Champions League starting on TV, the quote above, by Clyde Watson popped into my head.  That is of course utter lies as I’ve never heard of Clyde Watson (sounds like he’d play centre back for East Fife in the 1980’s) in my life. I Googled a quote for the eleventh month and coincidentally it had something about tea in it. Perfect.

  Anyway, for those reading that don’t know, which is practically everyone, let me introduce myself. My twitter handle is @Hoggfather_.  The reason for this? My name is Hogg and, amazingly, I am a father.  Earlier on this month I agreed with the two founding lads of hashtagteaclub to visit Tea Rooms in my home city of Edinburgh and review them for their website.

  This first post of mine, if it actually makes the website, has no review in it.  I’m merely getting the hang of writing stuff for the hashtagteaclub website.

  I fully admit to knowing nothing, zero, zip, nada, hee-haw or f*** all about tea.  I just really enjoy drinking the stuff.

  Why am I doing this if I know nowt about tea other than enjoying it?  Dunno really to be honest. I started following the hashtagteaclub guys on twitter a few months back and love their banter.  So that’s probably the main reason for it, banter.  Although any review of a tea room etc will be fair to that establishment and serious enough to respect it, I will try to inject a fair amount of banter into each review.

  All of the reviews I intend doing will be fair and will actually be about the tea room itself, the décor, the staffing & the tea itself.  Do not expect any in-depth scientific nonsense about the tea itself though, as I’ve said, I know nothing about that.  If that isn’t good enough then fair enough no one will probably read after this but it will at least keep me amused.

  Any Edinburgh based tea room, café,  hell even pub that sells tea can contact the website and let the guys know if they want a visit (aye right I hear you cry).

  Anyway the Champions League has now started so I’m off for the time being.

  Teas out brothers & sisters