The #teaclub was the idea of two gents from Yorkshire who have a mutual love for tea. It all started when they met on the tea aisle of their place of work. After discovering they both loved Yorkshire Tea and disliked average teas (not naming but you might have an idea), they began discussing their enjoyments of England’s national drink.

In 2013 they visited Betty’s Tea Room in Harrogate, a massive turning point for them both. From there on it was all about the tea, and eventually the #teaclub was born. A twitter account was the first incarnation of the club. Through meeting new people who also enjoyed tea and having tweets with various tea companies, it enhanced the whole experience. Along with an Instagram and YouTube account, the latest development is the construction of this website. It will most likely consist of posts about tea, and their days out on the tea.

Here’s a little more about the two co-founders of the #teaclub. It’s our very own Benn & Michael



Benn would prefer not to mention his age (it begins with a 3) and is a true Yorkshireman. Not only does he have an impressive array of flatcaps but he lives in a lovely stone build house just off a cobbled road. He loves tea so much that whenever he opens the cupboard, you can be sure a box of tea will fall out.  How he got into tea is the million dollar question but what we do know is that he isn’t giving it up anytime soon. Benn swears by Assam tea and brews a lot of loose tea, especially from Brew Tea Co. When he’s not at the office wor… drinking tea, you can find Benn attending plenty of local gigs, cheering on Bradford City or drawing in his art studio.


M Profile Pic

Michael is 30 and was born not only in Yorkshire, but in Harrogate of all places. Home of Taylor’s of Harrogate and Yorkshire Tea. He always enjoyed a cup of tea, but it wasn’t until 2009 when he really discovered his true love of the drink. This is largely down to his other tea obsessed friend Sam, whom he worked with in America. Since then its gone on from good everyday teas such as Yorkshire Tea, to more exclusive teas such as Rooibos and Darjeeling. It’s hard to pinpoint which is his favourite tea. I guess it depends on what mood he’s in. If he had to pick though, he’d go for a Kenyan tea with its bright orange colour and full flavoured taste. When he’s not drinking tea, Michael enjoys travelling and American sports (in particular the San Antonio Spurs).


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  1. i would like to see a photo of mark carpenter drinkiing some tea …. he is the secret 3 omegos … a special one please take a photo

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