TeaClub Premiership (Week 1)


In the inaugural round of fixtures, 10 teams battled it out in the TeaClub Premiership. It was brews, sweat and tears for 90 minutes as teams representing their company brought some caffeine and anti-oxidants to football.


It was a full house at Jurassic Park for the South West derby between Dorset and Miles.

Week 1 saw the South West derby between the Dorset Coasters and Miles Smugglers, which ended 1-0 to the home team.Elsewhere, wins for the Bristol Bluebirds and a 90th minute winner for Welsh Brew Town means 3 teams sit joint top of the league.

Here’s how the table looks.


TeaClub Premiership

Join us on Wednesday night for Round 2 of the TeaClub Premiership. It’s the big one: Yorkshire Tea FC v Lancashire Tea FC. Yorkshire v Lancashire. Puddings v Hotpots.


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