Bluebird Tea Co: Still the best tea ‘mixologists’ in the world!

“This quote is nowhere to be found in the below review of Bluebird Tea’s Autumn 2016 range and it is merely here just to make this blog look like it’s written by a top journalist. On with the show”. – B&M (2016)

Cast your minds back to September 2015 and the then youthful #teaclub boys robbed Bluebird Tea Co in our Teamobile and came away with their Autumn range of teas. A year later and the #teaclub boys have developed more facial wrinkles and upgraded their vehicle of choice. Thanks to our success of reviewing teas and being recognised in the street, we’ve upgraded.

Our agent Reginald Van de Hoef has reliably informed us of a shipment headed for Brighton that contains the Autumn 2016 range of Bluebird Tea. Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas, Beetroot & Cauliflower, Sunday Roast and Horseradish. None of these are part of the Autumn 2016 range but these are:

Choco Pops

Rooibos Earl Grey

Bananas & Custard

Lapsang Chai

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

When Reginald broke the news, we put down our pipes and fetched out tassled-loafers out. We were off to Brighton!


The National Yachtery

Our Yacht arrived at #teaclub for the Summer and its yet to make its debut. We named it The National Yachtery and headed for Brighton. Navigating the narrow Leeds-Liverpool Canal with its many locks proved to be hard going but that didn’t dampen our spirits. On the subject of spirits, it gave us a chance to crack open the Bollinger and chill with some Netflix.

When we arrived at Liverpool it was plain sailing all the way to Brighton where we had to keep our eyes peeled for the shipping container marked ‘Maersk’.  This could take a while we said.



After a few hours of shipping container exploration we found what we were looking for and made a run for it. Back to Yorkshire we went. The water quality is better up North anyway.


Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Rooibos Earl Grey


Lapsang Chai and Choco Pops

Choco Pops

Coco Pops are so Summer 2016. It’s all about the Choco Pops now.  This was the first of the 4 we made. We imagine that the Mixologists at Bluebird Tea Co came up with this idea of a blend at some Wednesday morning meeting when everyone needed a lift. This is good. A black & green tea with chocolate chips and rice puffs. It’s a blend for the sweet-toothed among us and probably not best to have at bedtime. However it is really good to have at every other hour of the day, including breakfast.  And yes, it does taste like chocolate. So that’s black tea drinkers, green tea drinkers, breakfast cereal lovers and chocolate lovers catered for? Not bad for just one blend.


Even leaves a chocolate stain around the inside of the mug. Either that or we didn’t wash up right.

Marks out of 10? 9.37

Rooibos Earl Grey

We spent ages trying to come up with a way of describing how this caffeine-free (good for Tea Witches out there!) tea might taste. It’s almost as if someone has come along and mixed some sweet, fruity Rooibos with some scented, strong Earl Grey. Well going by the ingredients that’s exactly what’s gone on here. It’s got Cornflowers in it though and we like that. Those are the blue things you can see in the picture below. Hardcore tea enthusiasts and professionals will drink this neat without milk. Being amateurs however, we opted for a dash of semi-skimmed.  Why drink Rooibos? Because it’s full of anti-oxidants and can settle a stomach in no time. Also good if you’ve had too much Champagne on a Yacht.


Rooibos & Earl Grey. It works.

Marks out of 10? A

Lapsang Chai

Black Tea is music to our ears unless it’s a Laps… oh crumbs. We’ve been rumbled and found out here.  It’s no secret that Lapsang Souchong based teas aren’t our specialty so we had to seek the views of a family member, who prefers not to be mentioned. M’s dad (also a Michael) was served up a mug of this to either enjoy or suffer himself. Oh boy we’re really not doing a good job of promoting this tea and Bluebird will certainly not be using any of these statements that’s for sure. Having said that though and despite the initial off-putting bonfire-like scent, Michael (the Dad Michael) said it “isn’t too bad is this”. Pushing him for a better description he came up with the following sentence: “It’s very different to a regular black tea and there’s spices going on but I can see why people would enjoy this at Autumn.  It’s a good thing that the taste of smoke isn’t as strong as the scent”. We just have to take his word for it.


The Lapsang isn’t as overpowering as some out there. To us, that’s a good thing. 

Marks out of 10?  85%

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

This isn’t a new blend as such. This is a super-popular blend that’s made more comebacks than Rocky. To help with this particular review, we’ve lifted our Autumn 2015 review (because we can) and edited it for a 2016 audience. New edits are in Bold.

Apparently this blend is still so popular it’s making a comeback, doing a lap of honour and doing an open top bus parade. We’re still pleased to have discovered this very very Autumnal blend. Combining Ceylon black tea with all sorts of fun ingredients like carrot, cinnamon, cloves and the magical Halloween sprinkles, it provides a warming sensation. Given that Bluebird Tea Co have done a competition for this blend recently which has now expired because this is 2016 now, I suspect this will be a hit both in store and online. M suspects right because it’s back for Autumn 2016. Milk or no milk? The jury (same jury as last year) is out over here on that one.


Encore. Where bands come on for one last time to sing their most famous song. This is the tea equivalent for Bluebird Tea Co.

Marks out of 10?  Mark Knopfler

To the founders of Bluebird Tea Co, Krisi and Mike: We salute you once again for making a fantastic range of teas that blows the opposition out of the water! We raise our walking sticks up in the air to acknowledge your greatness (but only for a few seconds as we’re losing our balance in our old age).

P.S.The influence of Bluebird Tea is spreading across the UK. They now have stores in Bristol and Tunbridge Wells.




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