Piacha: Black and Cherry.

“I’m not a Cherry fan but when I opened the packet and had a whiff, I was more than up for drinking a big mug of the stuff.” – #teaclub M

Black & Cherry LS front s

Black and Cherry. Drink it and be Cherry.

In the style of Jessie’s Diets: This week, I have been mostly drinking Piacha Tea. I don’t live in a shed but I could easily pass for him with the shaggy hair look.My fashion sense is often questionable too.

But this tea wouldn’t want to feature in the Fast Show because it deserves time to be appreciated.

Before we go any further; running from the 4th July to the 25th July, we have a very special offer for followers of the #teaclub: You can find further information here.

50% off your first Tea Envelopes Subscription purchase.

Enter #TEACLUB@PIACHA at the checkout to apply your discount.

Piacha tea are awesome. We’ve already taken our flat caps off and acknowledged their Rhubarb Rooibos Fudge Thing Tea and at the end of the month, I’ll be visiting their tea bar in Islington to get drunk on tea and catch up with Pia, founder of Piacha Teas. I’ll need to scrub up well. Tweed anyone?

I signed up to their tea envelopes subscription service and ordered two packets of tea. I’ve gone route 1 with 75g of loose leaf English Breakfast and I’ve taken a detour with the 75g loose leaf Black and Cherry. This review is about the latter.

The whole subscription process was easy-peasy. I went on the website and had a bit of a dabble about. I clicked on the Black and Cherry and chose that ‘Subscribe with savings of 10%’ option. I got me 10% off because I were subscribing. If I were daft and I weren’t subscribing, there’d be no discount of any sort. Then I tapped in me bank details and next minute the postman were here with me tea envelopes. For anyone taking us up on the 50% off offer (mentioned above), there’s a text box in the checkout process where you can enter the discount code. Oh and there’s free delivery. Cracking do is that!

I chose a superb day to enjoy my first cup of Black and Cherry tea. It was so nice outside I decided to take a photo of it on the decking with my tea frog infuser. Just look at the sunshine!


The first thing I noticed about the Black and Cherry was that, believe it or not, it has Cherry in the title. I’m not a Cherry fan but when I opened the packet and had a whiff, I was more than up for drinking a big mug of the stuff. I also noticed some writing on my tea envelope. I recognise the three kisses (unless it was advising me that this is tea porn) and I think the writing says ‘open bar on the 25th July’. I could be wrong though. Whilst I got my magnifying glass out to decode the symbols, froggy was having a whale of a time in the mug.

With this tea I have no problem in ‘fishing for compliments’. It’s bloody superb! It’s like having a cherry coke or one of those cherry gummy sweets you get in the pick n’ mix, only it has tea in it. The whole experience was quite special and I’d even go as far as say to…. I’d even go as to say that as far…. I reckon that it would be a good base for an alcoholic cocktail. If Pia can work her magic and create a Vodka based one, I’ll buy it!

I’m not traditionally one for tampering with nature when it comes to black teas, especially when it’s fruit that’s involved. This made me rethink my stance though. I could quite happily drink this, ooo at least twice a day. I wouldn’t have it first thing as I feel as though this is a tea for the right occassion and at the right time. Those right times for me have been when I was counting how many coat hangers I have in the house and coming home from the laundrette with freshly pressed Y-fronts.

I’ve also got a packet of English Breakfast on the go too. That’s my go to tea for everyday use. If it ain’t broke…

I highly recommend Piacha Teas. I also highly recommend listening to the back catalogue of Eiffel 65 but that’s another matter.

Piacha Tea Bar & Shop

280 Upper Street


London N1 2TZ




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