The Mug Company – Cracking (not literally) mugs with personality.

It’s no secret that the #teaclub love to drink tea and review it. Surprisingly, we haven’t wrote a piece before on one of the essential pieces of equipment when it comes to making tea… mugs.  Now we love our mug collection in our homes. We’ve got plenty of mugs that advertise our favourite brands of tea (no prizes for guessing which tea but bear in mind that we are from Yorkshire), the trains we love riding on our days out or one or two that we’ve received as a gift from friends and family. Being asked by The Mug Company to write a few words about their mug and tea gift set was greeted with a loud cheer and was a call to stick the kettle on.

The mug is expertly wrapped, tied and comes with a personalised message.

The mug is expertly wrapped, tied and comes with a personalised message.

It would be true of us to admit that we are new to reviewing mugs. The Mug Co have certainly made their mark on us and that was before we received the wonderful mugs. Through sharing a tweet or two on Twitter, it was clear to us that Nel (who runs the account) is the type of person who genuinely loves their job and values getting to know their customers.  Like ourselves, The Mug Co are passionate about tea. Already we’re off to a flyer! They certainly have a point when advising us to “do away with your boring old matching sets” and instead “get a bit of variety in your cupboard”. Surely it’s a better tea drinking experience when every mug in your cupboard is different? Essentially, The Mug Co sells Mugs, Tea Towels & Teapigs Tea. Sure you can get a mug and a tea towel at the local supermarket but are you going to get a bespoke mug that’s personalised? Are you going to get exceptional customer service? Unlikely. Take a pause, put the kettle on and enjoy reading our thoughts.

The 6 Steps to Ordering from The Mug Co:
Select a mug > Pop in some Teapigs Tea > Personalise your mug > Gift wrapped? You got it! > Send to home, the office or direct > Have a brew!

When we received the mugs we were taken aback by how smart they look (see above). We were touched by the small message on the gift tag and in a way we didn’t want to open it up. It just looked so lovely. However, we had a job to do and we were getting thirsty. Upon opening you will find your mug securely inside with your chosen tea (see below). We’ve plumed for the Teapigs Everyday Brew (for the very traditional Benn) and Darjeeling Earl Grey (for the more adventurous Michael).


#teaclub Benn’s chosen mug came with Teapigs – Morning Glory tea. A traditional English Breakfast style brew for everyday drinking.

We took the time to admire our mugs (see below 4 images). Many of our mugs are thick, heavy and are there to simply hold the tea. What we noticed straight away with these mugs however is that they are clearly made of fine bone china. There’s many designs to choose from, each bringing their own personality. Naturally we’ve gone for the tea themed mugs although you can get c*ffee ones too – apologies for swearing. Honestly though we could have chosen any of the mugs on offer. They all look terrific, from the bright and colourful images to the simple minimalist words of wisdom.  Perhaps the true highlight though is the personalised writing on the mug’s handle. We’ve already spoken at how the friendly customer service & the quality of the mug makes The Mug Co stand out but the custom message on the mug’s handle is special. At this point we were truly gasping and got the kettle on and the Teapigs Tea out.


Here’s #teaclub Benn’s mug. We love the simplicity of it.


Each mug comes with a personalised note on the handle.


The front of #teaclub Benn’s mug. Actually is there such thing as a front? Basically, the other side.


#teaclub Michael’s mug and tea gift set. Again, the clarity of the text design – and the fact that the message is about tea – makes these mugs feel classy.

Teapigs Tea is packed full of quality loose leaf tea in pyramid temples. Plenty of room for the tea to move about and brew as you pour hot water on. At this stage can we remind everyone to please use fresh water when boiling tea. That is all. The Darjeeling Earl Grey (pictured below) is perfect for those who love the Bergamot in an Earl Grey with the delicate notes from the Darjeeling. To have milk or no milk is another debate. What we can say though is that the taste is divine and deserves an equally divine mug to drink it from. Luckily we had one just on hand!  There’s many blends of tea to drool over here. We’ve gone for black tea blends but you can also get in boxes of 2 pyramid temples: Rooibos, Spiced Winter Red, Mao Feng Green, Super Fruit Tea, Chocolate Flake Tea (very tasty by the way!), Liquorice & Peppermint, Chamomile Flowers, Chilli Chai, Jasmine Pearls, Lemon & Ginger, Peppermint Leaves. You can also get some of the blends in packs of 15 temples. Brilliant and extensive selection. Something for everyone.


Teapigs have often been enjoyed by the #teaclub in the past. With each mug you can choose which tea to complete the gift set. They even do a Chocolate Tea.


Love Earl Grey? Love Darjeeling? Then you’ll love the Darjeeling Earl Grey from Teapigs.

So where does that leave us now? Well, we’re both delighted with our mugs and it has certainly given us plenty to think about in terms of where we get our mugs from. We’ve been humbled to have been given this opportunity to write these words for The Mug Co as it’s a company that cares about it’s product and the customer.

Contemplate no more about that pack of 6 mugs with the same design. Enjoy a little luxury and get a mug from The Mug Co to match your personality. Plenty of mug categories to choose from including Animals. Book Characters, Humour, Geography and yes… C*ffee (sorry – we did it again didn’t we?). It’s worth noting that payments can be made securely via PayPal. Deliveries can be arranged for 1-2 days (Express) or 3-5 days (Economy). Free delivery for orders £30 or more.



Tel: 020 814 1378

Twitter: @TheMugCo

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