The Wiltshire Tea Company. A #teaclub Review

Continuing our discovery of new, exciting tea companies, we recently came across The Wiltshire Tea Company. We had to scratch our heads and look at a map of England to work out where Wiltshire is on the map. It’s no point reviewing a tea company if you don’t know where they’re based. It just so happens that we need to know the local area in order to review one of their teas on offer, but that’s all to come later. After a spot of 21st century map book reading from the boot of the car (ok, so we used a search engine!) we could see that the county sits nicely in between Somerset and Hampshire.

The Wiltshire Tea Company was founded in 2001 and they serve plenty of loose leaf teas and tea bags from all over the world. Their teas are under the Ethical Tea Partnership, which means that workers on the tea plantations are treated fairly and paid fairly. The company even provides a custom tea blend for the world famous Bath Pump Room, known as the Pump Room Blend. As Bath is an amazing city, it’s only fitting that such a landmark has it’s own blend.


The Pump Room Blend is served at the Roman Baths in Bath. It makes a lovely breakfast tea.

We were kindly sent 4 different teas for consideration and these were accompanied by a lovely letter telling us more information about the tea. The teas sent to us were:

  • Pump Room Blend. A blend of African, Ceylon and Indian tea that is served at the Bath Pump Room.
  • Russian Caravan. Black and Oolong tea minus the Lapsang Souchong (phew!)
  • Blood Orange Fruit Pot. A fruit blend including apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, safflower blossoms and natural blood orange flavour.
  • Passion Fruit & Mango Fruit Pot. Another fruit blend with apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, rosehip peel, orange peels, papaya and mango flakes, passion fruit granules, sunflowers and flavouring… *and breathe!*

Here’s what #teaclub M had to say about the teas:

I lined up the teas and dithered for a while as I decided which tea to have first. Still unsure, I thought about it more over a cup of the Pump Room Blend before realising that I was now enjoying my first tea. A good English Breakfast blend should be flavoursome and well balanced. I was pleased to see the blend brew up nicely in my mug with the three teas complimenting each other perfectly.

By request of my sister, I opened up the Passion Fruit & Mango tea next and wow was this something special. Even before I made the tea, it was wonderful to see the actual mango and passion fruit inside the packet. The enjoyment didn’t stop their as it brewed up nice and strong. The colour was rich and the taste was powerful. My sister has now demanded I order more of this tea!


The Passion Fruit & Mango was a hit for #teaclub M although he had to share with his sister. Will be buying more of this fantastic fruit based tea.

Next up we had the aptly titled Russian Caravan blend. Where does it get it’s name from? Answers on a postcard please. It’s a blend of both black (fully oxidised) and oolong tea (semi oxidised) meaning you get the strength of the black tea complimented by the cleansing properties of the oolong. It’s a unique mix and can sometimes be enjoyed with Lapsang Souchong. Luckily for me, the smokey notes were nowhere to be seen.

Finally I waited until my sister left so I could enjoy the Blood Orange tea to myself. Just like the Passion Fruit & Mango tea, it was one that was never in doubt. A lovely dark orange and red colour filled my mug. The taste was equally as special too and I could have continued drinking this all day. If ever there was a reason to enjoy fruit teas, this company would be it. 

So there you have it. 4 special teas from a very special company in the South of England. There’s much more tea to be found online and no doubt I’ll soon be making a purchase for myself and my sister in the coming days. I’ve got a lot of time for the independent tea companies out there and look forward to enjoying more tea from The Wiltshire Tea Company in the future.

If you would like more information, you can visit their website at Alternatively, you can tweet @WiltshireTea.

Happy tea drinking. #teaclub

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